Preparing Your Home for Photography

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A critical part of marketing your property is advertising on the internet. The key is having great photos. We are bringing in a professional photographer to get high-resolution pictures, but before arrival, here are some key things to address at your property:

  1. Remove cars, toys, anything that may be a distraction around the outside of the house. Outdoor pictures will be taken.
  2. Remove items on, on top of, and around the refrigerator: no magnets, no notes.
  3. Remove dish towels and sponges from view.
  4. Remove items from kitchen countertops. Move your coffee pot, paper towel holder, everything. You can bring out the absolute essentials after, but cleared off counters will open up the space.
  5. Remove items from bathroom countertops. Soapdish, toothbrush holder, everything.
  6. Remove towels from bathrooms; decorative towels are the exception.
  7. Remove waste bins from sight in all rooms.
  8. Close shower curtains.
  9. Hide clutter. Clear off tables, piles, boxes and place them in an inconspicuous spot.
  10. Hide laundry baskets. Generally, pictures of closets will not be taken.
  11. Open blinds.
  12. Remove throw blankets in living areas.
  13. Turn on all the lights at the house. We will turn off the lights when done.
  14. Garages are not normally photographed, so great storage area.
  15. Spruce up the patio furniture.

Photo Credit:
Photo by Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash.

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