The Ultimate Moving Checklist

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Before Moving Day:

  • Arrange for movers or moving van.
  • Need additional storage? Arrange for a storage unit as well.
  • Purge items before packing. Consider donating unwanted items.
  • Measure large furniture pieces. This will help when trying to navigate tighter spaces.
  • Collect/purchase durable boxes/bins, packing tape, markers.
  • Go to to notify the change of address.
  • Have an Amazon account? Update the new address there, too.
  • Notify your bank.
  • Notify credit card companies.
  • Notify magazine subscriptions.
  • Call utility companies for the home you are vacating.
  • Call utility companies for your new home.
  • Cancel any home deliveries.
  • Empty refrigerator/freezer prior to your moving date.
  • Have appliances serviced for moving.
  • Do you need to arrange boarding for your pets? Take care of that now.
  • Plan for the transport of pets and plants.

Moving Day!

  • Carry currency, jewelry and important documents or use registered mail.
  • Pack an overnight bag, including towels and sheets.
  • Inform family & friends of route and schedule for that day. Notify if any changes occur.

Moving to a New Area?

  • Bank: does your current bank have locations in your new city?
  • Health Care Providers: request recommendations and the best way to transfer records.
  • Schools: contact the current and new school district to enroll and transfer records.
  • Vehicles: check with local BMV/DMV on appropriate procedures.
  • Pets: consult your current veterinarian for records and recommendations. Do your pets need to be boarded during the moving process? Arrange for that.

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