Preparing for a Home Inspection

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How to Get Your Home Ready for Inspection:

  1. Most buyers will attend. The inspection will take 2-4 hours. Please make plans to accordingly.
  2. Have all utilities turned on.
  3. Clear all attic accesses (if you have clothes in a closet where the access panel is located, please remove them before inspection and remove vehicles from the garage).
  4. Clear the crawl space access area and allow access to the attic.
  5. Clear area in front of the main electrical panel.
  6. Have all light bulbs functioning.
  7. Check for slow draining and address as needed. (i.e. Drano)
  8. All components listed with the home should be in operational condition during inspection (humidifiers, electronic air filters, furnace, disposals, etc.)
  9. Ensure all gas pilot lights (gas appliances, furnace & water heaters) are lit.
  10. Replace dirty furnace filters.
  11. Pets should not be at home during the inspection, if this is not possible, please leave a note for the inspector with any special instructions.
  12. If your home is to have a radon gas test, the inspector will review the procedures.

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