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Maximize your edge over other buyers from the start.

We always recommend that you begin the Loan Pre-approval process before starting to search for your new home. Getting preapproved requires that a lender verify your financial information, and it serves as their commitment to lend a specified amount based on that information. This will give you a number of advantages when you begin your home search, and sellers will take your offer more seriously given that you have a lender that has committed to backing your offer.

This also gives you the assurance that you’re looking at homes you can confidently afford to finance. Your REALTOR’S® efforts will be focused on properties that match both your financing abilities and your unique personal specifications.

You’ll also have an edge over other buyers who aren’t pre-approved. In situations where there are multiple offers on a property, this can be the difference between having your offer accepted or losing the property to another buyer.

When applying for a mortgage, your Tucker Mortgage loan officer will require some information and documentation to finalize the application.

Information Needed for the Application:

  1. Full Name, Date of Birth, and Social Security Numbers for all borrowers.
  2. Last 2 year’s residence history (dates included).
  3. Last 2 years of employment history (dates and job titles included).

Documentation Needed for the Application:

  1. Last 2 pay stubs for all borrowers.
  2. Last 2 years W2’s / 1099’s for all borrowers.
  3. Last 2 months bank statements (all pages).

Additional items may be required and your loan officer will inform you of any additional documentation to complete your application.

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